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Creditreform Polska Sp. z o.o.

Creditreform database

Here you will find all the information
Every day 175 Creditreform offices throughout the world prepare thousands of reports about the payment capability of companies.
The quality of the database directly affects the quality of our products, hence the importance of its structure and topicality. Striving to improve service quality in scope of the provision of information is the reason why expanding and updating the Creditreform database are the key elements of our business.

Customers and Members of Creditreform receive access to:

blue_pointeronline databases World
blue_pointeronline databases Poland
blue_pointercrefo.pl service

online database World

The data acquisition system of Creditreform is decentralized - data on business entities are collected by 175 local affiliates of the company. The spatial proximity of Creditreform and investigated companies, affects the timeliness and quality of data obtained. The report on a foreign company, which is available in Online Database World, is not older than 12 months.

online database Poland

Online Database Poland is a web service that contains the reports of Polish companies, not older than 12 months. Creditreform provides information about the content of the report before its delivery, and therefore allows making an informed decision if a report available on the system meets customer requirements for quality and timeliness.

Crefo.pl service

This web site provides access to economic information on nearly 3 million companies. The distinguishing feature of crefo.pl service is the possibility of viewing the update date of a specific chapter in the report and the possibility of configuring the own report (purchase of selected data). www.crefo.pl