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Creditreform - Your partner in business

Creditreform Polska makes use of long lasting experience of Creditreform Group and the one obtained on its own during the activity on the Polish market.

The company cooperates with more than 4000 Clients and Members. Among the Member of Creditreform Polska, there are insurance companies, banks, leasing companies, big companies from the “500” list, as well as many small and medium companies from all industry areas. The common feature of the Clients of Creditreform Polska is the ways they manage the credit risk. It is expressed in the constant development of the company through the rational use of the commercial credit as the effective instrument of sales increase.

Creditreform in Poland for 20 years now!

Creditreform Polska Sp. z o.o. operates since 1992 and offers comprehensive services in scope of business risk management. We are constantly improving our products and services to protect our Clients form the risk of doing business with unreliable partners, and in case of occurring difficulties with receivable retrieve, we offer assistance in their recovery. The guarantor of our professionalism is a membership in Federation of Business Information Services.

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