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Creditreform Polska Sp. z o.o.

Mass debt collection

Improve liquidity of your company!


Mass debt collection

  • professional and comprehensive service

  • modern computer system

  • transparent cooperation rules

Our procedures allow us to manage the liabilities of our Clients in a professional and comprehensive way. Precise cooperation contracts allow to proceed with agreed terms in a clear and transparent way.

We offer a range of solutions targeted directly to the entities that generate massive liabilities, ie:
  • corporationsamong others: telephone and cable television operators, cooperatives and housing communities, power plants, gas works and other companies from mass service sector
  • financial institutions– loan brokers, insurance companies, credit unions, leasing companies.
  • banks
Our services allow to minimize the costs related to liabilities, guarantee the highest data security standards and the high effectiveness of debt collection procedures implemented with respect to the principles of ethics.

These services include a comprehensive set of actions designed to rapid and effective recovery of outstanding debts. The type of operation performed depends on the type of the proceedings:

Operations performed in the amicable debt collection:
  • order acceptance
  • negotiations with the debtors
  • arrangements for repayment
  • repayment supervision
Operations performed in the enforced debt collection:
  • the choice of the best court proceedings taking into account among others the costs and duration of the trial
  • conducting proceedings in case of granting courts and banks the enforcements orders with execution clause against the debtors
  • maintaining contact with debtor, court and court execution officer
  • maintaining the calendar of procedural actions
Operations performed in the pre-enforcement proceedings:
  • negotiations with the debtor
  • arrangements for repayment
  • constant repayment supervision
Operations performed in the enforcement proceedings:
  • auxiliary activities to the court enforcement officer operation
  • effective enforcement proceedings as part of cooperation with the selected court enforcement officers
  • monitoring system of operations of the court enforcement office
The scope of the debt collection action shall be agreed by individual negotiation with the client and is adapted to the specifics of the claim held.

Bad debt protocol

Creditreform clients who cannot recover the receivables despite conducting our debt collection activities (both in Poland and abroad), do not have to bear the total loss. We help our clients in assigning bad debts to deductible costs, where the cost of the debt recovery is equal to or greater than its amount.

  • a team of experienced professionals fluent with the procedures and regulations of the financial sector and corporate liability management
  • highest information security standards and effective data protection systems
  • modern and extensive IT system enabling effective debt collection operations on thousand of debtors every day
  • clients’ Internet portal allowing the online observation of status of conducted cases
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