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Payment monitoring

Monitor the payments of your clients!


proper management of receivables

  • client verifiction

  • financial stability improvement

  • improvement of the company's reputation

The payment monitoring service is a good option for responsible management of receivables and fast reaction for possible payment delays.

The phenomenon of irregular fulfilling the financial obligations has recently become one of the characteristic features of economy. Due to this fact one of the important elements of maintain the liquidity without looking for other sources of funding is taking adequate and well-timed measures leading to debt recovery.

Characteristics of payment monitoring
  • the main goal of payment monitoring is to prevent the payment delays through constantly reminding the contractors about the upcoming due date,
  • contact with the "debtor" is made, the moment the debt is not already due, to draw attention to the fact that the invoice is already issued and the payment for the delivered goods or services ought to be made soon
  • if the payment is not made on time, the reaction for the debt is immediate. The signals indicating the financial problems of the “debtor” enable to obtain the necessary security and stop the deliveries fast, when the debt is relatively small,
  • the debt collection proceeding is started, when there is a good chance it will finish successfully. It allows to avoid long and expensive court trials.
Monitoring profits
  • increase of financial stability by timely inflow of cash,
  • reduction of expensive external financing and acquisition of targeted profit
  • formation of a group of solid clients and reduction of outstanding debt amount
  • improvement of the reputation of the creditor,
  • speeding up the payment process and better payment discipline of contractors,
  • reduction the labor costs in the department of financial management,
  • focus on statutory activities.

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