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Creditreform Polska Sp. z o.o.

Individual debt collection

Recover your debts quickly and efficiently!


Individual debt collection

  • debt collection of individual claims

  • professionalism and adherence to professional ethics

  • clear rules of operational cooperation

The unpaid invoices are often the reason of additional outlays for their service and liquidity problems. In practice, each outstanding debt negatively influences the financial result of the creditor. Creditreform helps in recovering business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) debts.

Debt collection - valuable service

The amicable debt collection (pre-court) is a key element of the debt recovery process. At this stage the most important aspect is the direct contact and persuading the debtor to repay the debt or to conclude a suitable settlement agreement.

Conducting activities at an early stage of the debt incurring and a strong emphasis on negotiations with debtors allows recovering a whole debt or a large part of it without referring the matter to court.

In case the debt is not recovered with the means of amicable debt collection, we will provide you the opportunity to refer the matter to court. The court debt collection is conducted jointly with our law office. The initiation of the enforced debt collection is preceded by court trial which aims to obtain the enforcement order enabling to refer the matter to court enforcement officer.

Bad debt protocol

Creditreform clients who cannot recover the receivables despite conducting our debt collection activities (both in Poland and abroad), do not have to bear the total loss. We help our clients in assigning bad debts to deductible costs, where the cost of the debt recovery is equal to or greater than its amount.

Advantages of debt collection led by Creditreform
  • collection of fees only in reference to successful cases
  • highly effective debt collection
  • business and consumer debt collection
  • use of economic information about the debtor accelerates recovery proceedings
  • applying the pressure on the debtor by using the WIN-WIN strategy (protecting the client-debtor relation)

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