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Raport on payment capability

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payment capability evaluation

  • Payment Capability Index

  • PD (Probability of Default)

  • formal and legal analysis

  • financial statement analysis

  • information from the market

  • participation of persons and companies

  • maximum credit

The report on payment capability serves our Clients as a help when making credit decisions. It enables to evaluate the economic situation of current and potential business partners and contributes to increase of the effectiveness of the operating activity.

Report on payment capability is a product prepared basing on the information included in the database and information gathered and verified after the order is placed.

It is a product that takes into account the multidimensional nature of the company and is a compendium of the strict knowledge about it. It contains information about the formal, legal, organizational and financial situation of the analyzed company, its payment behavior and capital and personal connections.

The evaluation of the payment capability is each time prepared basing on available information. The data included in the commercial report, prepared by Creditreform, comes form many different, generally available sources such as:
  • Creditreform database,
  • court registers and registers of companies,
  • official journals
  • press archives, current press information and specialist publications
  • lists of companies, trade directories,
The factor which increases the competitiveness of our report is the recommendation of the maximum credit. The Payment Capability Index is the summary and most important parameter in the report; it constitutes the synthesis of evaluation of the investigated company.

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