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Creditreform Polska Sp. z o.o.

Creditreform credibility certificate

Quality mark for your company.


the proof of the credibility of the company

  • the increase of transparency in the eyes of clients and new contractors

  • promotion of corporate image

  • increase the competitive advantage

The increase of bankruptcy among suppliers and creditors led in many companies to the tightening of risk management criteria. There is the need of the registration of companies’ capability to fulfill future payment obligations, especially in case of small and medium firms.

Creditrefom certificate is a document confirming the payment capability and creditworthiness of a company. It presents the overall situation of the company strengthening at the same time its position when negotiating with suppliers and investors. The certificate is issued to the companies meeting certain requirements in maintaining strictly-defined values of economic ratios, as well as relation and structure of assets and capitals.

Advantages of possessing the Creditreform Certificate
  • strong position during negotiations with business partners
  • increase of prestige of the company due to international range and recognition of the certificate
  • confirmation of the good condition of the company
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